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History of Astrology

The history of astrology is quite old. Many ancient civilizations relied on the stars and heavenly bodies to predict the future. The ancient texts show that the use of Astrology first started with the Babylonians and later picked up by the Greeks, Egyptians and Persians. These civilizations relied on the knowledge to predict weather conditions, invasions as well as royal lineages and marriage.

The horoscope is a map of the zodiac circle with the Earth at the center and the Sun at the top. The other planets, stars and the Moon are also represented on the chart.

The positions of the heavenly bodies in relation to a person’s date of birth determine the zodiac sign that they belong to. Creating a chart for someone, depending on his or her date of birth is the first step. The next step is to determine their personality and characteristics based on current solar patterns.

The Accuracy of Astrology

People have been interested in astrology for thousands of years. The science does fall out of favor from time to time but it always rebounds with its popularity rising higher. In recent times, newspaper and magazine horoscopes are perhaps the biggest reasons why astrology and horoscope reading gets a bad press, literally.

The weekly horoscope that you may have seen in the paper was invented due to the need for commercialization and marketing the paper. It is a gimmick to sell more copies and has very little to do with real Horoscope reading. A true reading involves building a person’s horoscope chart to determine the alignment of the stars at the time of his or her birth. No true astrologer would ever claim that they can tell the specific details of a person’s life, or what would happen to them the next day, by simply knowing their zodiac sign.

The Process of Horoscope Reading

Astrology is a broad science which can have significant consequences in the lives of people. Kings and generals, business owners, inventors and celebrities have all relied on the science throughout the ages. Even today, many rich and famous people continue to get their horoscope readings to make better decisions in life.

The process of getting your horoscope read is not cheap however. This is one of the reasons why people tend to rely on the newspaper horoscope. It is free. But it is also very vague and general. A newspaper prediction appears to apply to thousands of people in your city which is just not possible.

The science of astrology has also been affected negatively by fake psychics or inexperienced horoscope readers who have not been through years of training. These people give astrology a bad name.

Experience and skill in astrology works the same as they do in any other discipline. You can find mechanics and technicians that are qualified and good at fixing your broken car or TV. You can also find technicians who are inexperienced and make the problem worse. Things work the same way for Horoscope reading. This is why you should go with the authentic horoscope reader Irina Primavera. She has been reading horoscopes for more than 20 years and helped thousands of people connect with their destinies.

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